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Class Proposals

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As a prospective community partner with RHC, you will assume the role of an Independent Contractor (IC). This arrangement means that RHC will not be your employer, and any tax-related responsibilities will not be handled on your behalf by the organization. Instead, you will establish an agreement directly with the parents and families of RHC, who will compensate you directly for the classes or tutoring services you offer. 

RHC partners with facilitators who are able and willing to: 

- Treat learners with respect and kindness, maintaining a positive, supportive, and neurodivergent affirming learning environment.
- Use learners' preferred names and pronouns, communicate openly with parents, and be accommodating to diverse learning needs.
- Accept responsibility for collecting fees directly from learners' families using various payment methods.
- Consider the possibility of varying class sizes each semester and be willing to adjust class offerings accordingly.
- Have a plan in place for addressing absences, class cancellations, and potential reimbursement for services not rendered.

We are an inclusive-secular community that does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, class, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability,  religion, or national origin. Our member families come from many different backgrounds and may practice various religious traditions—or none at all. We welcome families who are willing and able to respect the differences of others and work together with people who may not share their backgrounds. 

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First and Last Name

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Contact Number

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How did you hear about Richmond Homeschool Collective? 


Feel free to send us your personal resume for consideration. 

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Please provide two references with contact info. In doing so, you acknowledge that we may contact them as part of our facilitator review process.

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Brief Instructor Bio: Tell us a little about yourself, your experiences, or why you are offering this class. This will be posted as your Instructor bio on the public page. 

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Please send us a Photo to be posted next to your bio.

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What is the subject/topic and title of your class/club

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How do you plan to conduct your class? Check all that apply.

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Live Virtual (Zoom) only In Person
Can transition from in person to virtual if needed
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Which semester are you planning on offering this course

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Fall 12 weeks Spring 12 weeks
Fall/Spring 24 week+ course Workshop offered on only a few days
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Which days do you prefer to schedule your class?

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Tuesday Thursday
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How much time would you need to schedule for your class each week?   

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60 minutes 90 minutes
120 minutes
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Please select the class room requirements:

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White Board or Chalk Board Kitchen- Oven/sink/sink/ cooking prep space
Tables and chairs Large space for movement or large projects
Multiple outlets
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Which of the following is your targeted age range? 

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Lower Elementary PreK-2nd Upper Elementary 3rd-5th
Middle School 6th-8th grade High School 9th-12th grade
Adults Welcome Younger siblings welcome
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Course Description: Please include any required learner abilities or prerequisites for successful participation (such as a certain level of reading or motor skills). We also welcome any information about topics, activities, materials, week-by-week syllabus, required outside reading or homework, etc., that will help families understand your offering. These details can also be added later.

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Class tuition per student 


Supply cost if any

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 Registration minimum to run this class?

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Registration maxium (we recommend no more than 15)

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Your preferred payment method: Check, Paypal. Venmo, Cashapp 

Please include payment info

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Substitutes and Absences

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise and lead to an unavoidable absence, class cancellation, or incomplete sessions. As you create your class proposal, we recommend openly communicating your approach to absences, class cancellations, and potential reimbursement for services not rendered. 

Here are some options to consider:

  1. Arrange for a qualified substitute facilitator, if possible.

  2. Conduct the class online for upper-level courses.

  3. Schedule a make-up class during designated tech weeks.

  4. Provide learners with relevant materials for at-home study

Please share your plan here:

Is there anything else you would like us know about your proposal?